Napa Bookkeeping Service Inc.

Ask us the hard questions about running a business, we have answers.




Every company, regardless of size benefits from accurate financials. We can help you to stay on top of your profit, and tax liability with our monthly bookkeeping service.



As your business grows the ability to hire employees and stay in compliance with federal and state laws is a must. We have decades of experience with helping business stay current with their federal and state obligations.


Support Services

We offer a wide range of support services to our clients that includes Workers Compensation Audits, Sales Tax Returns, and Bill Payment for our clients.

Looking for income tax return preparation? We partner with Napa Tax!



We are invested.


It all started when…

Napa started to bustle.... winemakers, contractors, electricians, and all manner of small businesses started to become too busy to handle the work load. Business owners started to look for ways to free themselves from administrative burdens.  We stepped up, and stepped in!  Call on us, we won't disappoint!


Michele Brambrink


Silvana Hamilton
Account Manager

Michelle Maloney
Account Manager

Your voice was heard!


Our service was born out of a need. Small and medium sized businesses need help, and they have found it! We are able to provide support for many businesses and still we have room for you!